Good Design,
Styled by In-Depth
Scheme and Architecture


We transact with various clientsVarying from big account enterpriseswith tens of thousands of employeesto private business enterprises.Just like there is no single identical company,there is no such thing as an identical design.We make thorough communication with our clients.Not just about "how to create" / but also "what to create."We provide solutions and meet the goals to achievewith design quality that satisfies our clientsand what we can be proud of by ourselves too.Just like a doctor who provides the correct cure for patients.Just like a concierge who supports a comfortable stay.Just like a good friend who listens and thinks together with us about our issues.This is what we strive to bethrough our design works.All designs are created with a purpose.Our designs are created down to the single line and single spacewith the intention to meet that purpose."A Good Design is Created with a Thorough Plan and a Thorough Scheme."This is our design philosophy.Even for a simple output that does not look to be designedcountless discussions and plans down to the smallest details are implied.Just likea random layout at a glancethat is actually based on a precise layout.Yes, just like the stone garden of Ryoanji.